Sunday, February 7, 2016

Improved Arduino Ethernet WebServer Example

Just a quick one today because the need has arisen;

I had tons of issues getting the Arduino's Ethernet Shield to work, and it turned out to all be because of the shitty coding in the example sketch. So, I did what any one would do once they realized the error; I wrote a better example! It even includes comments to help the programmer see where to put the normal loop() subroutines and shows how to use escape sequences to implant quotes (needed for hyperlinking in HTML).


  1. I'll have to compare this to the examples from Seeedstudio for their ethernet shield as well. Have been having lots of issues, and it seems to stem from bad code or the libraries being incorrect.
    Thanks for the sketch, I'll check it out, and thanks for linking here from reddit.

  2. Hi Matt, thanks for your great posts, are you still selling kits for your SSTC? If you are, can you send me a quote? I'm trying to build one.