Friday, January 8, 2016

New X-Ray Cassettes Came In... New Radiographs to see!

The two x-ray cassettes I ordered came in, and my research rang true; both are green emission and far better quality and performance than the old Cromex blue I had initially used. I got one X-Sight Regular X-Omat and one Lanex Fine X-Omat, both by Kodak.

It took a few hours to work out the best exposure times and settings but I eventually nailed it down pretty well. Even with dark frame subtraction and keeping the camera off axis of the main beam there's tradeoffs to be had. In the end I found it best to use a wide aperture and put the camera On-Axis. The reduced thermal pixel noise greatly outweighed the increased x-ray induced pixel noise.

To my surprise the Fine screen isn't that much finer than the Regular screen. I think though the difference would be highly noticeable if I were using X-Ray Film and trying a magnified imaging setup. Since I'm just imaging the phosphor screen using digital photography the increase in resolution is negligible given the increase in noise due to about half the amount of light production.


Lanex Fine

Usually I prefer the as-shot radiographs, but sometimes the traditional negative view looks better. I'll include whichever works best, or if it's a tie, both.

Lanex Fine

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