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The USSTCC: Universal SSTC Logic Controller

Sig's Universal SSTC Logic Controller - The USSTCC!

  • A universal solution to the question of "What driver should I use for my Solid State Tesla Coil's Half or Full Bridge Inverter?".
  • Smaller footprint than competitors yet can drive even the largest TO-264 Power Switching Devices.
  • Operates on either Secondary Base CT (current transformer) or antenna based feedback, for maximum flexibility.
  • Very High Noise Immunity - will operate fine even in "floating ground" implementations.
  • Greatly reduced parts count. This means it is inexpensive to build and has less points of failure!
  • Tested Frequency range of 100KHz to 1MHz! *Additional heatsinking may be required for very high frequencies.
  • Automatically locks on to the resonant frequency and drives the inverter in sync even under dynamic loads!
  • Features a powered Expansion Port so you can branch out and add additional functionality like Modulation!
  • Operates from 12VAC to 24VAC or 14VDC to 33VDC at 2 Amps input current. Power supply not included.
  • High Quality Professionally Made Printed Circuit Board with Gold-Plated Through-Holes and Solder Pads.
  • All Through-Hole construction and Clearly Labeled Silk-Screened Solder Mask for EASY SOLDERING!
  • High Quality Screw Terminal Input and Output connectors for easy assembly to or disassembly from your Tesla Coil.
  • Pre-Drilled Mounting holes on Printed Circuit Board.

The data file includes invaluable information, schematics, diagrams, and instructions related to building your very own Solid State Tesla Coil, even without the use of the USSTCC board.

The user is required to possess and exercise a working knowledge of proper soldering technique and understanding of basic electronics principles. The user will need to know how to identify components and their orientation markings. NO BOARDS COME ASSEMBLED.

No Tesla Resonators, heatsinks, mounting hardware, current transformers, basic tools, or wiring is included with any options. The User must provide all the necessary equipment and supplies for proper construction and installation.

Users must exercise caution and observe safe electrical guidelines and codes when wiring up the completed controller board and any inverter (half or full bridge). Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use, installation, and construction of the products featured here. Risk of injury and even death is always present when working with high voltages.

Return Policy:
Returns will only be given for unused, unsoldered, new, and undamaged boards and components.

These boards are still available for purchase at $15USD/board. Please send email to purchase. Payment by Paypal ONLY.

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Video of USSTCC in operation:

Update - 2016-1-16
I wanted to copy the following text from my FAQ post and correspondence so there is zero ambiguity for anyone looking at this from the perspective of a new or potential user.
"Now let me understand some components, I have decided to use your logic board.
What exact piece of the puzzle does this include? What other components do I need to design and build myself. "

Okay, before listing off what it includes, let me state plainly what it and its associated files do NOT include, in other words things you need to source and build yourself:

1) Bridge Inverter. *
2) AC power cord for Bridge
3) AC power cord for USSTCC's step-down transformer
4) Secondary Resonator
5) Primary Coil
6) hookup wire
7) GDT; wire and core *
8) secondary topload (doesn't have to be fancy - salad bowl!)
*note I do have most of the suggested parts for these listed, things marked with asterisk have detailed instructions and parts lists.

What does the USSTCC Board include? It includes one bare USSTCC printed circuit board and all documentation required for proper construction of a working SSTC and lifetime Q&A help service.

Now, a better question; "What parts of the 'SSTC puzzle' does the completed USSTCC encompass?"

The USSTCC board takes care of the entire Low Voltage power supply supply, feedback processing circuitry, signal amplifier and splitter, add-on (interrupter & modulator) interfacing, and Gate Drive requirements of any SRSSTC operating in any mode. You add a bridge inverter, GDT, and completed resonator and have a fully working SSTC. All of the recommended parts for the bridge inverter and GDT are listed in the BOM files with their ordering numbers direct from reputable suppliers.

The only electrical components you need to pick and determine source of yourself are the AC power cords/plugs, GDT wire (22ga solid core, insulated (not enameled) to >300V, 2 or 3 colors), rosin core eutectic solder, and primary coil wire (10ga finely stranded copper, insulated to >300V - silicone if possible, cheap on eBay used for RC hobbies).

The physical components you'll need are coilforms, polyurethane, various mounting hardware (screws, nylon standoffs), etc.

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  1. Note the data file has been updated as of now and has critical corrections to the Bill of Materials. Previously indicated Sil-Pad thermal pads were found to be conductive. The newly indicated pads are tested and approved. I apologize for the inconvenience.