Monday, January 5, 2015

SigurthrEnterprises Website is CLOSING, all files and data being moved to THIS BLOG!

Hey everyone!

2014 has been a rough year, filled with serious medical and financial problems, and more than its fair share of stress. 2015 is here now and I'm beginning to pick up the pieces and restructure my life where needed. Part of the process is saying goodbye to my less-than-successful .com website. Though it got the majority of the traffic of my online presence, I just can't justify the expense as it generated very, very little income (less than one month's coffee for many folks).

Out of appreciation for those who did visit it and have enjoyed my data files and postings, I'm moving all of that data to this blog for permanent backup and access. Everything on the site will be available here. I still have USSTCC boards available, and still have many projects in the works.

Thank you all.


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