Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sig's ATTiny85 SSTC Interrupter

In preparation for offering an interrupter kit to go along with the USSTCC (sstc controller kit) I got the first batch of ATTiny85 chips in today. So, I spent the day porting my program over to a standalone ATTiny85. I'd tested and proven my code on both Digispark and Arduino, so I knew it was solid, but there's always glitches when changing processors. It turned out to be the same naming glitch that pops up with the Digispark; ADC 1 is real pin 7, which is pin 2 in datasheets, which is actually pin "A2" in code. Aside from the code aspect I had to build an ISP programming board to mate the Arduino UNO to the ATTiny85. Simple stuff but still needed doing.

Everything checks out and things are a GO! I only ordered 3 MCU chips, and I have need of one myself. I accidentally bricked one by making a dumb mistake on the breadboard and connected ADC3 up to V+ instead of the regulated Vcc line, DOH! No worries, they're cheap, the code is solid, and my ISP (programming tool) is all set. So, only one will be for sale, much like with the first three USSTCC boards, lol (3rd board wasn't bricked there, but given to my design partner).

Here's the ArduinoIDE (C++) code for the Interrupter program.
Here's the application schematic:

Here's the BOM (Bill of Matierals):

Video showing low power testing with the Digispark version:

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